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One hundred miles west of Marrakech on the coast of Morocco lies a town of rare beauty where a developing nation lives side-by-side with the (so-called) developed world. As you wander the streets and alleyways in Essaouira you will meet real people, living  real lives, in the real world - not some purpose-built, nondescript, characterless holiday resort which could be anywhere in the world ... Welcome to Essaouira.


In Essaouira you can have Moroccan tagines, couscous and other delicacies, or fresh fish straight from the local days catch - from sardines to lobsters - all at a fraction of European prices ... Or you can have French food, drink French wine and eat Italian ice-cream with your cappuccino.
You can relax on the beach, the outdoor coffee shops or on the roof-terrace tea houses and restaurants overlooking the ocean, or, if you're feeling more adventurous, play golf at the new Gary Player links golf course, go camel or horse riding, quad-biking, surfing, wind surfing or kite surfing, take a trip to the Sahara desert to see the sunrise or visit the local Berber markets.
And don't forget shopping! Leather, woodwork, metal-ware, silver and gold jewelery, clothing, paintings (of dubious quality!), antiques (of suspect provenance), and nothing - BUT NOTHING - is plastic or imported from China!
You will not feel constantly hassled as in many other countries, but after a couple of days it's more like going into your favourite pub and asking for  your 'usual', due to the warmth and friendliness of the locals.
Salam from Essaouira ...


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Self-catering apartment Essaouira  Self-catering apartment Essaouira  Self-catering apartment Essaouira